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Royal Commission into the New South Wales Police Service

The Royal Commission into the New South Wales Police Service was established on 13 May 1994 by Letters Patent authorising Justice James Wood to investigate the existence and extent of corruption in the NSW Police Service, and other related matters. On 21 December 1994 the scope of the enquiry was expanded to include the protection of paedophiles by NSW police. In February and November 1996 interim reports were issued by the Royal Commission and the final report was released in May 1997. The final report is in six volumes, and sets out the Royal Commission's findings on police corruption and recommendations for reform. A summary of the Royal Commission's recommendations may be found at the end of Volume 2.

One of the Royal Commission's recommendations was the establishment of a permanent Commission to investigate serious police misconduct. Pursuant to this recommendation, the PIC fully came into effect in January 1997.

The Royal Commission's records were transferred to the PIC when the Royal Commission ceased operations in June 1997. Many of those records have since been returned or destroyed, with the balance being retained by the PIC. Royal Commission records are covered by the secrecy provisions of the Police Integrity Commission Act (1996), however members of the public may obtain copies of Royal Commission records if they can demonstrate that it is necessary in the public interest for the document in question to be disseminated. Applications for copies of Royal Commission records may be made in writing to the Commission, setting out the applicable public interest considerations.

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